St Vincent’s College, Potts Point NSW







Established: 1858

Principal: Anne Fry

Address: Rockwall Crescent, Potts Point 2011


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Years 7 to 8 $20,860, Years 9 to 10 $21,492, Years 11 to 12 $24,117 Years 7-12 * $28,614 (Secondary)

HSC Subjects



French & Italian


VET Available

Flagship Programs

Academic Excellence, Arts Program, Co-curricular Program, Coding and Robotics, Enrichment and Accelerator Programs, Facilities,

About our school







Regular attendees of St Vincent’s College often experience a unique and enchanting atmosphere within our grounds. While the vibrant energy generated by our joyful and dedicated students is undeniably the most apparent element, there are other factors that contribute to this distinct ambience.

These include the rich historical legacy embedded in the College’s buildings, the breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour, the unwavering dedication of our teaching faculty, and the warm and hospitable reception provided by our administrative staff.

Upon closer examination, individuals discover the profound and enduring qualities that set our College apart. We take pride in the legacy established by the Sisters of Charity in 1858, who have made remarkable contributions to the fields of health and education, which adds a layer of reverence to our history.

For 165 years, we have consistently upheld our ethos of providing advantages without fostering a sense of entitlement among our students, creating a truly unique and cherished tradition.

Principal's Message

I sincerely hope that as you explore our College, it will inspire you to delve deeper into your consideration of St Vincent’s. St Vincent’s College holds a distinguished place as one of Australia’s oldest girls’ schools, and our unwavering dedication to providing a well-rounded education for young women is of paramount importance to us.

Our students and faculty are eager to engage with you and share insights about the enriching learning environment that shapes, empowers, and transforms individuals. The most meaningful way to experience this is by attending one of our Enrolment Morning Teas or Open Afternoons. I warmly invite you to come and immerse yourself in the unique spirit of our institution. It’s a quality that is hard to articulate but has been lovingly nurtured and passed down through generations of young women who have benefited from an education founded on opportunity rather than privilege.

I anticipate that your curiosity about St Vincent’s College will soon lead to a fruitful conversation between us.

Quick Facts

  • Vital – Visible Wellbeing program
  • Values – Caritas Christi (Heart for Social Justice)
  • Voice – Student Leadership
  • Verve – Vinnies’ Spirit
  • Vantage – Boarding Community
  • Vicinity – Inner-city location
  • Vibrancy – Dedicated and engaged staff
  • Voice – Student Forums
  • Versatility – Board Co-Curricular
  • Vigour – Academic Excellence

More from the school


  • Chapel,
  • Sporting Courts,
  • Dance Studios,
  • Boarding House

2021 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 7 587 575 578 577 581
Year 9 613 590 597 607 604

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2021. Data sourced from:

2022 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 7 573 573 582 576 566
Year 9 617 610 604 611 595

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2022. Data sourced from:

Campus Locations

Main Campus

Rockwall Crescent, Potts Point, 2011

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