Welcome to the Catholic Schools Guide, 2019

Welcome to the Catholic Schools Guide, 2019
Welcome to the Catholic Schools Guide, 20192019-07-24T08:51:17+11:00
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Welcome to Catholic Schools Guide, 2019 edition. Each year, our Guide carries a different theme and this year it is ‘Educating For The Future’.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago our team gathered with a simple idea: to deliver a high-quality publication that was aimed at what parents wanted to read. To our loyal advertisers and readers – we thank you for your support.

To read a profile on a College, simply click the The Map of Australia icon. To receive a hard copy of the publication, just send us an e-mail and we shall post you a free copy. To download a PDF version simply click on the appropriate cover, enter your email address and your will then receive a free PDF version.

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Greg Campitelli, Publishing Editor – Catholic Schools Guide

Education and society are rapidly changing. We know so many new jobs will emerge in the next 10 – 25 years, while others will simply disappear. Much of this is driven on the back of quantum changes in technology. None more so than the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Education must adapt at a rate hitherto not witnessed, for it is true that much of the last 100 years of education has been delivered effectively under a 19th century chalk and talk model. Change must occur now, in the the way classrooms are structured; how students learn; and the subjects they are exposed to. I have no doubt that Coding and Design Technology will become as much required subjects as English and Mathematics are today.

Our Catholic schools are places of change where you will find many talented teachers working at the cutting edge of technology ensuring our students have the best chance to succeed.

Catholic Schools Guide is proud to be supporting Caritas Australia. All support is provided pro bono and our Guide encourages all readers to do what they can to get their school involved in supporting the extraordinary work that this remarkable agency. See our profile on Caritas for more information.

“At last I found a publication that gives me the information I need in a quick, concise manner. It really helped us in deciding to send our child to a Catholic secondary school.”
Patricia James, Parent

“No publication endeavours to put your school’s information in the hands of our South Australian primary school communities like the Catholic Schools Guide!”

“It is a really excellent publication and I am sure parents must find it very valuable.”

“This outstanding publication serves two purposes. Firstly it showcases each individual school while celebrating the calibre of learning, teaching, wellbeing and community building within our Catholic Education sector.”

“If we were to only choose one publication to promote our school, it would be Catholic Schools Guide. It’s a most impressive publication which directly reaches the parents of our future students.”
“Congratulations on the inaugural Brisbane Catholic Schools Guide; it’s always pleasing to receive a publication that exceeds expectations.”
“The Catholic Schools Guide is a high-quality publication delivered straight into the hands of our target audience, making it a definite part of our future marketing mix.”