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First published in 2010, Catholic Schools Guide is a wholly owned publication of Catholic Schools Guide Pty Ltd. Although, the Guide maintains relationships with various Catholic Education Offices, it is a completely independent publication.

The Guide is designed as a showcase of Catholic secondary education. It offers a unique and visionary way of promoting Catholic secondary schools in an innovative and cost-effective strategy. Together with an integrated digital platform, the Guide provides parents the opportunity to access easy information on a Catholic Secondary College that they may be considering for their son or daughter.

Each Year A Different Theme
Our annual Guide is released in February with a different theme being the focus each year. You can download the full back catalogue on the site.

2019: Educating For The Future
2018: The Global Village
2017: Environment & Sustainability
2016: The Digital Classroom
2015: Leadership
2014: Achieving Excellence
2013: Faith & Spirituality
2012: Technology & Innovation
2011: Social Justice
2010: Gender Education

In addition, we have a number of feature writers who all donate their time pro bono to promote education. Their articles are insightful and full of terrific tips for parents.

Our Approach
The core philosophy of the Guide is underpinned by equity. Every advertising College is given one page and is listed in alphabetical order, significantly no College can ‘buy’ position. Further, the Guide follows a set template and is packed with useful information that parents need when making key decisions about their child’s education. This enables the reader to compare and contrast each College in a fair and consistent manner. It shows the reader that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

The Colleges provide the information and photos, while our graphic team designs the layout which allows every school to be treated with equal pride and care. We make no commentary about any school, rather each school signs off and approves their own page.

Meet Our Publisher
Gregory Campitelli is the Director of Catholic Schools Guide Pty Ltd and publisher of Catholic Schools Guide. He has enjoyed an extensive career in education; the not-for-profit sector; and, in the early years, film & television.

Greg is also Director of Campitelli Consultancy which specialises in marketing, strategic fundraising, major gift philanthropy, capital campaigns and alumni development. Many of his clients are secondary Colleges and not-for-profit organisations.

For many years he was Director of Development at one of Melbourne’s oldest private Colleges, CBC St Kilda. He was a long serving Board member and Director of Development. Greg is a qualified teacher and was both a Subject and Year Level Coordinator. For six years Greg was Director of Development at International Centre for Eyecare Education. While at ICEE, Greg was one of the key architects behind the creation of the global organisation Optometry Giving Sight now operational in countries including UK, USA and Canada. Over the years Greg has served on a number of Boards including Christian Brothers College, Optometry Giving Sight and the Australian Anthrozoology Research Foundation.

Greg was Managing Director of an SMS company and developed the software and operations in utilising business-to-business systems. Greg has produced numerous events and in early years he worked as sound & picture editor in Australia’s television and film industry.

Our Printers
Catholic Schools Guide is printed in Australia by Ellikon to the highest quality standards – ISO 9001:2008 – and highest environmental management standard – ISO 14001:2004.