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St Vincent’s College – Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

What holds our past, present and future together is the consistency of our Values – Generosity of Spirit, Hope, Justice, Respect and Service of the Poor. In the very different times since the College was established, the Values have been expressed in ways that give witness to the good news of the Gospel.

We might have traditional values, but our ways of proceeding have always been contemporary.

St Vincent’s College offers a city-based location from which to explore the real world in which our students are living and learning.

This is a particularly unique experience for our Boarders who have the opportunity to feel equally at home in the city and their regional or remote homes.

Our Curriculum, Co-curricular, Student Wellbeing and Spirituality programs are preparing students for their future pathways beyond the College.

They join past students and will be joined by future students as they contribute generously to the common good of our world.


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