St Monica’s College – Epping VIC

‘A School of Educational Enterprise’
St Monica’s College – Epping, Vic

Est: 1964

Address: Years 10-12, 16 Davisson St, Epping VIC 3076
Years 7-9, 400 Dalton Rd, Epping VIC 3076
Country campus (Ostia)Falls Rd, Strath Creek VIC 3658
Tel: 03 9409 8800
Fax: 03 9408 7531


“We are committed to the provision of high quality and contemporary Catholic Education. As a ‘School of Educational Enterprise’ we prepare students to contribute positively to society.” – Mr Brian Hanley

Enquiries: Mrs Enza Sinopoli

Principal Brian Hanley

Principal Brian Hanley

Gender: Co-educational
Yr Range: Yr 7-12
Enrolment: 1,920 students
Yr 7 Enrolment: 348 students; 12 classes
Languages: Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish & Greek
Fees for 2015: Yr 7 $5,955  Yr 12 $6,850
VCE Units 3/4: 59
VET: Yes



Destinations Year 12

• Music Performance Centres x 3

• eLearning Centre/VCAL Hub

• Arts Centre/Visual Arts Centres x 2

• Design & Technology Centre

• Food Technology Centres x 2

• Learning Activities Complex

• Library Resource Centres x 2

• Performing Arts/Drama Centre

• Trade & Industry Centre

• Weights/Circuit Rooms x 2

• Track & Field Complex

• Basketball Courts x 9

• Multi-purpose Areas x 2

• Soccer & Hockey Pitch

• Trade Skills Centre

• Counselling Rooms x 2

• Sports & Assembly Hall

• IT Labs x 6

• Gymnasiums x 2

• Tennis Courts x 9

• Netball Courts x 2

• Careers Centres x 2

• Media Suites x 2

• Science Labs x 9

• Rural Campus

• LOTE Centre

• Theatre

• Chapels x 2

• Wetlands

• Ovals x 2

• Numeracy Centre

• Literacy Centre

• Art Gallery

Year 12 Destinations


About Us

St Monica’s College was established in 1964 as a regional school for girls by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, and became co-educational in 1978 after the purchase of a second campus in Dalton Road, Epping. Over the years the College has expanded, and Ostia at Strath Creek was acquired in 1999 to provide a location for personal development and retreat activities for students and staff.

Our College is regional in ownership and governance. The College serves the parishes of Epping, Thomastown West, Lalor, Mill Park, Reservoir, East Reservoir, North Reservoir and East Preston. Applications are received from other parishes too. It is always our intention to provide a contemporary and relevant Catholic education to our girls and boys. We seek to develop and nurture the formation of the whole person and we do this by remaining faithful to our Mission Statement.

We treasure our cultural diversity, our shared understanding of community, our vision for the future and our adherence to the College motto ‘Pray and Persevere’. We proudly proclaim that St Monica’s College is a School of Educational Enterprise.

In the person of St Monica (332 AD – 387 AD) we find a rich source of inspiration and determination to succeed.

Our Curriculum

The needs of all students are recognized and the College employs specialist staff with expertise in the education of highly able students (HORIZONS Accelerated Learning Program), students with learning difficulties and well-established integration programs.

A vast range of VCE studies, VET and VCAL subjects are offered at Years 11-12. The College is a leader in the provision of Information Technology, with up to date resources and equipment.

The College teaches Italian, French, Greek, Spanish and Japanese and runs CLIL programs in Italian and Japanese.

Students participate in community service and social justice projects. Students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities including sport, chess, music, public speaking, performing arts, values education and student formation.

The sport program at St Monica’s College is very comprehensive with an excellent coverage of all major sports and specialist sporting programs.

Leadership Opportunities

St Monica’s College is committed to developing strong leadership qualities in students. Two Student Councils operate – a Senior Council led by the College Captains, and a Junior Council that is supported by a teacher responsible for student formation. Other students participate as Class Captains, Specialist Captains and House Captains. Students receive training in leadership skills and public speaking. Leadership opportunities are valued by Monicans and very many students are eager to support and serve the school community. Our College is always seeking to create a welcoming environment. Supporting and encouraging Monicans with leadership roles helps to achieve this goal.

As a School of Educational Enterprise, we always strive to provide students from all year levels with positive affirmation, a variety of exciting opportunities and significant challenges that stretch the mind and body. The College adopts an international perspective whenever possible, which sees our students interacting with countries ranging from Pakistan to Japan to several European countries. The face-to-faith program is a classic example of Monicans communicating with young people from many cultures.

Visit Us in 2015

Our Open Evening is on Tuesday 1 September. Morning Tea with the Principal is also held throughout the year. This is an excellent opportunity to see our facilities and learn more about our values. To book please contact the College.