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St Monica’s College, Epping – Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

Providing education that merges both theoretical learning with practical solutions is key for 2023 and beyond. It is important for students to understand important and complex concepts as well as how to use them in real life scenarios. St Monica’s College, Epping, does this by offering environments that reflect real-world professional environments. Every subject and discipline is taught by teachers who have specialised in their selected field, whether it be via higher education or industry-based experienced. Both staff and students are aided with continuance of modern facilities and infrastructure helping deliver education that is accurate, effective and engaging.

The College also prioritises education in other facets of College life. We have over one hundred co-curricular activities for students to choose from, offering an eclectic range whereby students can flourish in different capacities and different interests.

Furthermore, the College focuses on ensuring that no child is left behind. St Monica’s offers an Accelerated Learning Program and HORIZONS Program for students who are highly capable and require more of a challenge in their learning. Conversely, the Arrunga Program is an initiative that assists students who are on the Autism spectrum and require additional help and support for their studies.


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