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Welcome to Catholic Schools Guide 2016 edition; a celebration of the rise the digital classroom in our secondary schools. Our Guide has been published to provide feature profiles on Catholic Secondary schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide in order to give parents of prospective students easy-to-access essential information. The magazine is published annually.

All information contained in the printed Guide is available at this website. To read a profile on a College, simply click the Finding A School icon. To receive a hard copy of the publication, just send us an e-mail and we shall post you a free copy. To download a PDF version simply click on the appropriate cover, enter your email address and your will then receive a free PDF version.

The Catholic Schools Guide is an independent publication. Please contact me with your comments and suggestions.

Greg Campitelli
Publishing Editor
Catholic Schools Guide

Each year our Guide carries a different theme. This year, our theme is ‘The Digital Classroom’.

We live in such a rapidly changing world it can be difficult to keep abreast. Just think of these start dates: Google commenced changing the internet in 1998; Facebook in 2004; YouTube in 2005; the first iPhone appeared in 2007, while the iPad debuted in 2010. It was only a few years ago that we had 5 channels on the TV, now there are well…. lots! (BTW we are running a competition to win an iPad Pro, to enter go here.)

It is hard to imagine what the next 10 years will bring. In the classroom these ever increasing changes impact the way teachers teach and how children learn. Teachers have more resources than ever before, there are smart-white boards, wi-fi and tablets all at their disposal. For parents, technology means the emergence of parent portals, apps and paperless technology such as online permission slips.

The current generation of children at primary school are perhaps the first truly digital natives who are growing up in a world where technological devices, apps and the internet are the norm and not really that special. What cars were to the 30s, television to the 50s, and computers of the 80s – our kids see digital technology as normal.

For the first time we may be witnessing students who are often more adept at using these technological tools than the teachers who are teaching them. This has caused a paradigm shift, thankfully Catholic schools are responding with enthusiasm and innovation.

Our feature writers this year are Tony Ryan, courtesy of the Queensland Education Leadership Institute; wunderkind Mark McDonald co-founder and co-CEO of Appster; Adam McArthur CEO of LiteracyPlant; Miriam Tanti, from Australian Catholic University; Greg Miller from the Catholic Schools Office Broken Bay Diocese; and John Phelan, Brisbane Catholic Education’s Manager of Communications and Marketing. I am grateful for their expertise and insight. A special mention to the work of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation with its Digital Licence initiative.

Once again, the Catholic Schools Guide is proud to be supporting the leadership of Caritas Australia.

In 2016, Project Compassion focuses on learning more and creating change. This year, Project Compassion reminds us how education, knowledge and skills can empower the world’s most vulnerable communities to realise their hopes for peace, equality, dignity and justice. Project Compassion is one of Australia’s largest annual humanitarian fundraising campaigns. Please encourage your school or College, if not already involved, to get on board!