Siena College, Camberwell VIC







Established: 1940

Principal: Elizabeth Hanney

Address: 815 Riversdale Road, Camberwell 3124


Key Information


75 Teaching

46 Non Teaching


$13,420 (Year 7)

$14,990 (Year 12)

VCE Subjects



Chinese (Mandarin), French & Italian


VET Available

VCAL Available

About our school

At Siena College, we believe in nurturing potential and fostering a spirit of limitless curiosity. Encouraged to embrace every opportunity, our students are empowered to explore, learn and grow, enabling them to evolve into the best versions of themselves, equipped with knowledge, compassion and the confidence to make a difference in the world.

Our learning program is designed to cater for the interests, needs and collaborative ways in which girls learn, guiding students to pursue their interests in any given field and to continue their learning journey beyond the classroom.

Siena College students are surrounded by strong role models, in their peers, staff and alumnae, who encourage them to strive to achieve successful outcomes from their own efforts.

Secure, respectful and confident relationships at school enhance our students’ learning so they can experience a comprehensive and enriching education. Our Wellbeing Team provides support and education for both students and parents.

All students at Siena College are encouraged to become involved in community activities and initiatives. We strive through all teaching and learning experiences to help our students learn the importance of their roles within our community and beyond the College gates.

Principal's Message

We encourage our students to engage in critical reflection on the world, develop a love of learning, an appreciation of culture and beauty and a spirit of freedom and responsibility.

St Catherine of Siena is the College patron and a role model of a woman who responded to the needs of her time with courage and conviction. She was both passionate and courageous, a revolutionary, a peacemaker, a champion of the poor and a prophetic teacher and Truth seeker. A Siena education has always been based on a deep respect for the unique qualities and gifts of each member of the community with an emphasis on service and on personal excellence in all endeavours.

Since it first opened in 1940, Siena College has demonstrated the capacity to meet evolving educational expectations of Church, students and parents. We look forward to educating and inspiring future generations of young women who will pass through our care.

Elizabeth Hanney

Quick Facts

  • Siena is a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition
  • We are guided by the Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Service and Community
  • Our College motto, Veritas, means Truth
  • We are committed to student wellbeing and academic excellence
  • We offer a diverse curriculum and an extensive cocurricular program
  • Our Pillars Leadership Program promotes student voice
  • Social justice initiatives are run throughout the year
  • Eco Warriors promote our sustainability goals
  • Siena is a member of the FIRE Carriers Program
  • We offer Equity and General Excellence Scholarships

More from the school


  • Outdoor Multi-Purpose Sporting Courts
  • Chapel
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Dance Studio
  • Basketball Stadium
  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Tennis Court

2021 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 7 583 562 565 565 569
Year 9 620 598 603 613 614

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2021. Data sourced from:

2022 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 7 581 576 573 565 566
Year 9 622 610 599 610 600

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2022. Data sourced from:

Campus Locations

Main Campus

815 Riversdale Road, Camberwell, 3124

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