Salesian College, Sunbury VIC







Established: 1927

Principal: Mark Brockhus

Address: 1 Macedon Street, Sunbury 3429


Key Information


114 Teaching

69 Non Teaching


$6,800 + levies (Family discounts available) (Year 7)

$6,800 + levies (Family discounts available) (Year 12)

VCE Subjects



Italian & Japanese


VET Available

About our school

At Salesian College Sunbury, we pride ourselves on preparing students for the future. We encourage them to strive in all aspects of life and inspire them to enthusiastically engage with the world around them for the purpose of making a difference. Our supportive and nurturing environment fosters a relationship that recognises and celebrates the unique gifts and talents of every student. We are an innovative and caring faith community, committed to helping students strive in life. We provide quality education in a community of faith and promote our school values of Community, Learning, Excellence and Faith throughout the classroom and everyday life.

We inspire our students to find and pursue ideas that matter, encouraging them to have a voice in all aspects of their learning. Our students have access to a broad range of subjects, allowing them to move out of their comfort zone, be challenged, and open their minds to the potential in their future. We believe that, given the opportunity and right environment, every student can strive for greatness. We recognise that each student is unique in their educational needs and academic abilities; our subjects range across study areas and we offer VCE, VCAL and VET study pathways to our senior students.

Quick Facts

  • Community – fostering a strong sense of belonging
  • Learning – recognise the unique strengths of each student
  • Excellence – opportunities for students and staff to excel
  • Faith – encouraging resilience and thoughtfulness
  • Inclusion – equal opportunities for all
  • Diversity – a curriculum and environment to cater for all
  • Innovation – committed to innovation in learning and teaching
  • Adaptability – approaching change with optimism and flexibility
  • Connectivity – prioritising connection and communication
  • Empowerment – students enthusiastically engage in their education

More from the school


  • Arts Centre/Visual Arts Centre
  • Design & Technology Centre
  • Performing Arts/Drama Centre
  • Counselling Rooms x 2
  • Food Technology Centre
  • Library Resource Centre
  • New Science Centre
  • Religious Education Centre
  • Careers Centre
  • Yr 12 Common Room
  • Multi-purpose Areas x 2
  • Netball Courts x 5
  • Basketball Courts x 4
  • Soccer Pitches x 2
  • Cricket Nets x 3
  • Yr 9 Learning Centre
  • LOTE Resource Centre
  • Gymnasium
  • Wetlands
  • Music Centre
  • Media Suites
  • Science Labs x 6
  • Uniform Shop
  • IT Labs x 6
  • Wireless Site
  • Canteen
  • Chapel
  • Ovals x 3
  • Pool
  • Hall

NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 7 553 511 539 536 548
Year 9 569 526 561 552 586

This table above shows the average student results at this school for the year 2019.
Naplan data is sourced from:


University enrolled: 56%
TAFE/VET enrolled 20%
Employment 8%

Campus Locations

Main Campus

1 Macedon Street, Sunbury, 3429

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