Marian College, Sunshine West VIC







Established: 1957

Principal: Raymond Pisani

Address: 196 Glengala Road, Sunshine West 3020


Key Information


74 Teaching

46 Non Teaching


$2,160 (Year 7)

$2,360 (Year 12)

VCE Subjects



Italian & Indonesian


VET Available

About our school

In order to sustain ourselves though our experiences over the course of any year we turn to those elements that ground us, our beliefs and values. At Marian, we grow as a community in service of others by showing hospitality, compassion, courage, justice, hope and wonder.

In dealing with the many changes that impact us over time, the College emphasises the value of hospitality to promote wellbeing. The generosity of spirit in giving time to others and responding to their needs with authentic examples of compassion are constant inspirational examples of making a difference within our community.

We place great value on the courage to be prepared to do the right thing and speak up against any forms of injustice to ensure all around us are protected from any situation where their health, wellbeing or rights are compromised. We develop an understanding of the current plight of all people, whether local or global, and commit to promoting equity and justice for all.

Our tradition and faith gives us hope that by doing what is good and right we will give witness to our core values through our purpose in life. As we strive to realise our mission we celebrate with joy all our achievements. We stand in wonder of the talent, energy and commitment of all our Marian community.

Lampbearer’s Message

Marian College reinforces the development of strong leaders through encouraging involvement in active leadership, and participation in roles such as Lamp Bearers (school captain), SRC, House Captain, SPG, Marian Leo’s, and JDF (Justice Democracy Forum). Marian College is devoted to continually striving for excellence in both its academic sector as well as its extra-curricular activities comprising of; sporting, leadership, performing arts, design, and technology. The Marian College community is united through embracing its shared Kildare Ministries and the Brigidine Core Values. Through adopting these core values students foster a strong moral compass, sense of leadership, and a desire to fight for justice, promoting an inclusive, diverse and safe school environment.
Additionally, each Marian student is readily equipped to triumph over life’s challenges through the support of teachers and the sense of togetherness the Marian College community provides. The difficulty of the past few years has proven that resilience is a vital aspect that carries through our everyday life through challenges.

By Joelle and Ferina.

Quick Facts

  • Started by the Brigidine Congregation in 1957
  • Now governed by Kildare Ministries
  • College Motto: Strength and Kindness
  • College patron: St Brigid of Kildare
  • Only girls school in Brimbank
  • Multicultural community incorporating over 50 nationalities
  • Strong connection of Wellbeing and Learning programs
  • College Captains are called Lampbearers
  • Major focus on social justice
  • Location well accessed by all means of transport

More from the school

2022 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 7 543 543 560 546 541
Year 9 577 569 593 572 571

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2022. Data sourced from:


University enrolled: 69%
TAFE/VET enrolled 26%

Campus Locations

Main Campus

196 Glengala Road, Sunshine West, 3020

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