MacKillop College, Werribee VIC




Yr 7-12



Established: 1970

Principal: Rory Kennedy

Address: Russell St, Werribee 3030


Key Information




$5,570 (Year 7)

$6,425 (Year 12)



French, Italian & Japanese



About our school

MacKillop College is proud to stand as a representation of our society. We are responsive to the needs of our students and community, striving continuously to improve the educational experiences and opportunities presented. MacKillop College believes in offering a wide variety of different disciplines of learning. Whether a student has an affinity for academia, politics, social matters, religion, leadership, sport, performance, music, hospitality, etc., MacKillop College gives our students the tools they need to pursue their interests and build their experiences. We support the whole person based on what will benefit them in their individual journey. We also encourage exploration, discussion and an awareness of current political and social issues. Students are provided with guidance to become advocates for transformation in the world. This is evidenced by the student-run extracurricular groups, which include EcoMacK (aiming to implement sustainability strategies on campus and within the community), MacKillop College Zoo Crew (giving students hands-on experience in animal husbandry), and HarMacK (which focuses on cultural diversity and inclusivity). Further to HarMacK, the College embraces diversity with our International Program, reaching into Europe and Asia with international trips, homestay opportunities and immersion programs. For those who can’t travel abroad, we have a variety of celebrations in honour of diversity, such as Languages Week, Harmony Week and Music Week.

Quick Facts

  • Our theme for 2022 is: Seeking justice, living compassion.
  • MacKillop College has a student-run coffee cart.
  • The College founder was a Sister of St Joseph.
  • Once a year, the College turns into a festive space at no cost to students, parents/carers.
  • The College has a variety of animals.
  • Staff and students host a College podcast.
  • New buildings at the College are made out of renewable materials
  • New buildings are powered with solar panels.
  • In 2022, we’re running two College musicals. • MacKillop College has a separate Year 9 Campus.

More from the school


  • Arts Centre/Visual Arts Centres x 7
  • Performing Arts/Drama Centre
  • Trade & Industry Centre
  • VET Beauty Rooms
  • Design & Technology Centres x 3
  • Food Technology Centres x 2
  • Religious Education Centre
  • Library Resource Centre
  • Counselling Rooms x 3
  • Multi-purpose Area/Hall
  • Auditorium (400-seat)
  • Track & Field Complex
  • Weights/Circuit Room
  • Basketball Courts x 4
  • Netball Courts x 2
  • Oval/Soccer Pitches x 3
  • IT Labs x 7
  • Tennis Courts x 6
  • Cricket Nets x 2
  • Gymnasiums x 2
  • Lecture Theatre
  • Media Suites x 2
  • Music Rooms x 9
  • Science Labs x 8
  • Careers Centre
  • Prayer Room
  • Theatrette
  • Canteen

NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy

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Campus Locations

Main Campus

Russell St, Werribee, 3030

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