Emmaus College, Jimboomba QLD







Established: 2002

Principal: Kevin Schwede

Address: 48 East Street, Jimboomba 4280


Key Information


95 Teaching

52 Non Teaching


$5,400 (Year 7)

$5,445 (Year 12)

QCE Subjects



Japanese for Year 7


VET Available

About our school

What are the three most important attributes of Emmaus College? Visionary, nurturing and engaging. 

The school’s Vision Statement, “Excellence in learning within a contemporary Christian community”, helps create a strong ethic of care and respect, traits that are highly visible throughout the school. We have teachers who are thinking and looking forward, preparing children for a more flexible, globalised world. We aim to develop students who are thoughtful and optimistic, having confidence in who they are and where they would like to be in the future. 

Another vital attribute of Emmaus is nurturing. With thoughtful guidance, students participate in pastoral care programs that teach the importance of reflection, mutual respect and self-discipline. Students know that they are cared for, and in turn, understand how to care for others. 

Teachers place special emphasis on nurturing the social, emotional and spiritual aspects of development. The third attribute of Emmaus is engagement. The professional partnership between teachers, families and students motivates learners to do the very best they can – both in their academic achievement and in their co-curricular activities. 

Principal's Message

“Emmaus College’s purpose and mission flows from our Christian heritage and partnership between the Anglican, Uniting, Catholic and Lutheran churches.  Our motto is “Walking With Christ” and at Emmaus that means a lot.  It is known to the students, parents and the wider community and it is a very powerful ethos that underpins our College.

Emmaus is a vibrant enterprise with a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere.  I often marvel at the energy and verve of teachers, students and parents, all working together to maximise student learning.

In 2022 we will continue to highlight literacy and numeracy learning for each student, planning for individual progress and achievement.  By focusing on digital communication and critical thinking, students are well positioned to be valuable contributors to society.”

Kevin Schwede – Principal

Quick Facts

  • Agriculture Show Team
  • Arts Showcase Evening
  • Biannual Musical
  • Concert Band and Ensembles
  • Equestrian Team
  • Instrumental Music lessons
  • Junior Years Choir
  • Rugby League Skills Development Program
  • Student Council
  • St Vincent de Paul Sleepout

More from the school

Upcoming Dates

Wed Aug

Emmaus College, Jimboomba QLD – Open Day on 10th August (Brisbane Show Holiday)

August 10, 2022 - 9:00 am

Wed Oct

Emmaus College, Jimboomba QLD – Open Day on 12th October

October 12, 2022 - 9:00 am


  • Air-conditioned classrooms and facilities
  • Multi-purpose courts including tennis, netball, basketball etc
  • Cricket nets
  • Agriculture centre for wine production, food production including veggie patches and chook pens, cattle yards
  • Two ovals
  • Art, drama, science and technology speciality classrooms
  • Café and restaurant for Hospitality
  • Gymnasium
  • Performance hall
  • Wheel accessible grounds

NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 3 435 443 413 436 417
Year 5 514 468 500 508 494
Year 7 541 490 537 535 541
Year 9 574 534 579 568 579

This table above shows the average student results at this school for the year 2019.
Naplan data is sourced from: https://www.myschool.edu.au


University enrolled: 32%
TAFE/VET enrolled 26%
Employment 32%

Campus Locations

Main Campus

48 East Street, Jimboomba, 4280

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