Ambrose Treacy College, Indooroopilly QLD







Established: 2015

Principal: Chris Ryan

Address: Twigg St , Indooroopilly 4068


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Flagship Programs

Academic Excellence, Arts Program, Facilities, Sports Program, STEM Program,

About our school

Ambrose Treacy College believes every boy can achieve personal excellence, has the capacity to be a leader and can contribute to the community. The College was founded on three pillars of Service, Learning and Leadership.

The Pillars provide opportunities for our staff, students and parents to live and grow as a ‘Signum Fidei’ (Sign of Faith) for each other and for our world.

We promote a culture of high expectation which is evidence informed and improvement seeking. Quality teaching and learning experiences aim for each student to be hope filled and achieve their personal best.
Pathways to suit each student’s talents and interests, plus targeted classes and enrichment programs support students in reaching their goals.

ATC is an inclusive community that is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships where our students are agents of change, committed to justice and peace for all.

Every student is required to partake in service hours; last year over 20,000 hours were recorded by students working in the community and giving back to others less fortunate. Leadership programs across the College promote opportunities in and out of the classroom for every student to experience and develop leadership skills.

Principal's Message

We offer a diverse curriculum that balances innovation with tradition. Our goal is to empower young people, in partnership with their families, to become for the world, Signs of Faith with the skills, confidence and will to make a positive difference. We seek to engage with the energy of our students, intentionally and relationally, through a balance of challenge and support. In response to the contemporary needs of education, we provide an exciting learning environment led by experienced teachers who appreciate the students’ energy, humour and imagination. We work hard to create a school that is challenging, yet friendly; demanding, yet supportive; and serious in purpose yet playful in spirit.

Quick Facts

  • Outstanding teaching and support staff
  • State of the art riverside Campus
  • Targeted Classes
  • Pathways & VET
  • Developing leaders of the future
  • Service Program for all year levels
  • Dynamic Cultural Program
  • Sport and Athletic Development
  • Exceptional Choir, Band and Ensemble Programs
  • Canoe Polo, Robotics, Cooking, Mountain biking, E-Sports, Golf and many more clubs

More from the school

Upcoming Dates

Thu Aug

Ambrose Treacy College, QLD – College Tour 08 August 2024

August 8, 2024 - 4:00 pm


  • 40-hectare campus overlooking the Brisbane River
  • Modern classrooms
  • Well-maintained sporting fields
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • All-weather swimming pool
  • Large assembly hall
    terraced areas
  • Shaded seating
    open spaces for playing.

2021 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 5 538 480 515 511 521
Year 7 572 546 558 563 588
Year 9 610 573 587 597 615

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2021. Data sourced from:

2022 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 5 527 477 490 504 506
Year 7 565 541 552 555 584
Year 9 594 570 577 594 608

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2022. Data sourced from:

Campus Locations

Main Campus

Twigg St , Indooroopilly, 4068

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