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Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs takes visitors on a 67-million-year journey back to the world where Triceratops lived and examines the impact it continues to have today.  

The Triceratops fossil comprises 266 bones weighing over 1000 kgs, including a fully complete 261 kg skull featuring the iconic trio of horns, making Horridus; the Triceratops an 85% complete specimen and the most complete fossil specimen in any Australasian Museum.  

The exhibition is split across two levels and is comprised of three acts that immerses students in the world where Triceratops lived and the events that led to its extinction. Meet the animals that co-existed with Triceratops in the lush Cretaceous terrain, discover their natural predators and learn why survival was tough. Students will come face to face with the Triceratops fossil and see up close the impressive frills, jaw and tail, while the second and third floor viewing platforms provide an unparalleled view of the historic fossil. 3D interactive bones allow students to experience the fossil in a more tactile way and provide a deeper understanding of the specimen.  The three acts are packed with digital projections and displays that are friendly for all age groups and create a sensory experience between light, sound and touch, providing a deep learning experience that will be remembered for years to come.  

Melbourne Museum’s commitment to provide unmissable experiences for all audiences is further solidified in a range of educational programs that strive to deliver education content both within the museum and beyond its walls. Unique educational programs developed for various year levels and age groups provide further insights into Triceratops. These programs offer a range of staff-led and self-guided learning experiences connected to the Victorian curriculum.  

Staff-led programs allow students to learn about palaeontology and the awe-inspiring science behind how Horridus, the Triceratops remained so finely preserved in sandstone for millions of years. Students will have the opportunity to ask our museum experts about how dinosaurs lived and what impact they continue to have on the world today.  Self-led tours allow students and educators to experience Triceratops at their own pace while educational booklets give students a range of activities designed to encourage in development of scientific skills.  

Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs is an event that can’t be missed. Book in your school group using the QR code and come face to face with one of the most historic specimens ever displayed in an Australasian Museum. 

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