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How to Help Teens Put Less Pressure on Themselves

Article Source: My friend’s teen daughter, Belen, had a big upcoming exam this past semester. Starting a week before the exam, she studied incessantly. Every possible available moment. The […]

What does Anzac Day mean and how did it begin? Kids News explains

Article Source: WHAT IS ANZAC DAY?Anzac Day, on April 25 each year, is an Australian and New Zealand national day of remembrance* for Australians and New Zealanders at home […]

How Learning a Second Language can benefit your child

Article Source: Growing up in the 70s in Far North Queensland, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn a second language in primary school, like my children do today.  […]

A Happy Parent Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Article Source:  Like it or not, private schools are businesses. (There. I said it.) As such, they must keep their customers (a.k.a. parents) happy. When I say “happy,” I […]

The Importance Of Data For Student Recruitment And Retention

Article Source: Data for Relationship Building Relationships have always been key to building and maintaining a customer base. Given the physical separation imposed on so many of us since […]

DIY Easter Crafts

Article Source: Easter is the most anticipated long weekend in Australia. At this time the family does a lot of activities like Easter egg hunts and other exciting games […]

How You Can Help Kids Be Good People Online

Character education might be the key to a better internet and help kids flourish online, suggests a team of researchers in the U.K. Article Source: How can we successfully […]