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St Columba’s College – Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

St Columba’s College is proud to announce that construction of our new and dedicated STEAM building, the Foxford Innovation Centre, is underway. Set to open in 2025, the facility reflects a significant investment in the future of educational opportunities for St Columba’s College students and is an essential part of the College’s vision of providing a modern and dynamic learning environment. A vision that has been in place since our College opened in 1897. 

Established by the Sisters of Charity, the first women religious to come to Australia, whose tenacious and innovative spirit is embedded into the foundation of our College. Throughout out 126-year history, the legacy of the Sisters has influenced the development of modern programs, the expansion of College facilities and the continued pursuit of excellence.  

Like the Sisters who came before us, we understand that we educate for futures that are unknown and this is reflected in the development of innovative programs and state-of-the-art facilities, that allow our students to connect with the world that will be on offer to them once they complete their secondary education and become part of the legacy of women who graduate into their communities ready to be change makers.


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