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Simonds Catholic College – Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

Simonds stands at the brink of a transformative era, poised for a new chapter under the stewardship of new Principal, Mr Robert Anastasio. The retirement of our esteemed Principal, Mr Peter Riordan, marks the end of an era that saw Simonds evolve from a year 7-10 school to one that successfully embraced the challenges of providing the VCE. Mr Riordan’s 11-year tenure was a period of significant growth and development. His leadership was instrumental in navigating the expansion of our academic offerings and fostering an environment of excellence. As we bid farewell to Mr Riordan, we express our heartfelt gratitude for his unwavering dedication.

The appointment of Mr Anastasio heralds a fresh wave of enthusiasm and commitment to the values that define our community. Having been at the school since 2011 and serving as the Executive Deputy Principal, he brings an intimate understanding of our school’s ethos, values and unique challenges. His deep connection with students and staff, coupled with a passion for educational innovation, positions Simonds for rejuvenation and sustained growth.

With extensive building works culminating in a physical transformation of our campus, the school is embarking on an era of renewed vitality, ensuring a bright and promising future.


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