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Mercy College – Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

Since 1886, the Mercy Sisters have worked as educators in the Coburg area and Mercy College continues this proud tradition in a contemporary environment. We are committed to a Catholic education being an education for life. We strive to instil in our students a dedication to lifelong learning, firmly grounded in our Mercy values.

As we continue to work towards educational excellence and growth in our students, our data-informed approach has enabled our teachers to understand our students’ strengths and areas for improvement and better tailor their approaches to meet the needs of their classroom.

Looking to the future, Mercy College is dedicated to providing a dynamic educational environment that meets the evolving needs of our students. This will be supported by our School Improvement Plan (2024 – 2027), with a focus on embedding a high performing, collaborative culture and authentic student agency enabled by a whole-school approach to instructional practice, leadership and student wellbeing. Our College Masterplan will ensure that we provide innovative learning spaces that foster creativity, curiosity and collaboration. We are committed to being a school of choice for families looking for an all-girls’ education in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.


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