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LEARNING ACTIVITY: Creating a food garden – planting

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Planting out your food garden is an exciting and fulfilling task. This learning activity is part of a sequence of 5 individual learning activities focused on creating a food garden. The order of these learning activities are: visionsite assessmentinstalling a no dig garden bed, planting and harvesting.

For children to:

  • understand the steps involved in planting out and maintaining a successful food garden
  • enjoy being active and productive outdoors and build their social and teamwork skills
  • follow the steps of plan, prepare, plant, monitor and care
  • learn how to choose the right food plants for the right location and season.

Planting is best done in a pre-prepared garden bed. Choose the plants according to the advice on labels and in garden guides so that you get the best results from the garden. During the warmer months (spring and summer and autumn), it is recommended that you run this as a morning learning activity. This will help avoid heat stress for people and plants.


Planting seedlings is one of the most satisfying tasks as it helps to bring your food garden to life relatively quickly. Understanding the best location and conditions for your plants, taking good care, and documenting what you plant will help to grow a productive garden. Advance preparation of your garden bed, being ready with suitable plants, and working in teams will help this be an effective and efficient activity.

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