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How to Make Big School Website Changes on a Small Budget

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Imagine that you are facing one of the most important days of your professional life. You’re going to be talking to hundreds—maybe even thousands—of people about your school.

They’ve all shown interest in your school, but they haven’t committed. You have a matter of seconds to get their attention and make them want to learn more about you. And if they lose interest, information from your biggest competitors is close by.

How would you prepare for this day? You would hire people you really trusted to help you build a brilliant and beautiful presentation. You would probably spend a few hours reading and re-reading your final version to make sure it was perfect. Your spouse and closest friends might stand in as your practice audience so you could ensure your delivery was impeccable.

It would be a big deal.

What if I told you this insanely important presentation is not just going to happen, it is happening— right now. It’s happening as I type this, and it’s happening as you’re reading it.

It’s your website.

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