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From Uncertainty to Clarity: How Careers Advice Can Help Your Teen

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As parents, we want nothing but the best for our teenagers as they navigate their journey into adulthood. The final years of school can be a pivotal time, filled with important decisions that will shape their future.

But what happens when our teens lack motivation, direction, or are at risk of making the wrong choices?

This is where the invaluable help of a qualified Careers Advisor comes into play.

Mistakes that kids make

Leaving school is both exciting and daunting for young people. Your child may have a very clear idea of what lies ahead, but equally, your 15 to 18 year old may have absolutely no clue about what they want to do when they ‘grow up’.

When the news flash comes that they are ‘almost’ grown up and need to start making some grown up decisions, the pressure can not only start to affect them, but you too.

This is where many families find value in supporting their high schoolers with a careers and further education assessment.

Independent careers advice, provided by a qualified, experienced, independent careers advisors who is separate from school, can provide young people and their parents with the expert guidance they need to make informed decisions.

The advantages of independent careers advice

Expert Guidance

Navigating the vast landscape of career options can be overwhelming for both teenagers and parents. Careers advisors have the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide accurate and up-to-date information about various jobs, industries, and educational pathways. If your child is considering options like an internship, ‘Gap Year’, university Early Entry programs, traineeship, job with a career path or comparing TAFE with university course, the guidance of a careers advisor can help your teen make well-informed decisions based on their interests, skills, and aptitudes.

Reduce the Chance of Making Expensive Mistakes

Making uninformed decisions about post-school education can result in financial burdens down the road. Currently, more than 3 million Australians have a HECS (Higher Education Loans Program) debt that totals more than $74 billion. When young people go to uni but change direction or leave halfway through their course, they run the risk of paying for study they will never use. When they stay at uni, but change the course they are studying, the time they spend at university increases and so does the costs as they pursue a new degree. A careers advisor can help your teen avoid unnecessary expenses and future regrets by guiding them toward educational paths suited to their interests and aptitudes. An investment in professional advice before school ends can prevent wasted time, money, and the costly HECS fees that many young people carry for years after they have left school.

Explore More Options

The world is brimming with diverse career possibilities that your teenagers may not even be aware of. The world of work has changed since most parents and teachers entered it too, so it’s natural to be a little unsure about what is really out there for your child right now. Careers Advisors play a vital role in expanding teenagers’ horizons by introducing them to a wide range of career options. They offer valuable insights into educational institutions, courses, and qualifications relevant to your child’s desired career. They can guide your teenager through the complexities of university applications, scholarships, vocational training, apprenticeships, and other educational opportunities, ensuring they make informed choices.

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