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Cheap Winter School Holiday Activities

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School holidays… are you ready? As wonderful as children are, as much as we love them, it can easily get expensive entertaining them in the school holidays. Here are some free and cheap school holiday activities for winter.

1. Head to the Museum

Some are completely free, others you can get an annual pass for that often includes other attractions. Aside from looking at the exhibits, there are school holiday activities run daily at most museums as well.

2. Rollerblading

If you get a sunny day, head out and rollerblade/rollerskate/ride bikes or whatever you like. Some cities have free bikes you can use, others you can rent for a small amount. Pack a picnic and head off somewhere or play games requiring speed.

3. Build Forts

My kids will spend hours playing in their forts or cubby houses. Get some sheets, some string and pegs to easy construct a fort anywhere or let the kids use the lounge cushions and their own blankets.

Yes, your house will be turned upside down. No, it’s not the end of the world to have your house filled with forts for a day or more.

4. Movie Marathon

Hours of screen time isn’t great. Do this in moderation! Ask the kids to put together a host of movies they love to watch, invite a few best mates over and pop a lot of popcorn, settle them on the couch to disappear into the abyss of other worlds, characters and fantasies, animated, pixelated or not.

Make sure they’re movies you like too, as you’ll probably be roped into sitting with them every now and then, answering their questions and commenting on storylines you’ve seen a million of times.

5. Indoor Games

Use masking tape to mark out a hopscotch game, play snakes and ladders or any other board game, cards like Uno, snap or Go Fish are all great ways to have fun inside. To build up your collection ask friends and family to give them to your kids as gifts (or you do it on birthdays and Christmas) or cash in points from reward programs (a full list of some here) or online surveys to buy the games.

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