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Academy of Mary Immaculate – Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

Building on the Academy’s reputation as an established and respected institution, the new Master Plan is our vision to foster a place that is stimulating, harmonious, nurturing and minimises environmental impacts. It increases our relationship with the city as a classroom. The Master Plan 2023-26 is a proposed development where we will create an education precinct reflecting Melbourne’s laneways, green open spaces and transformative learning hubs.

Historical context allows engagement with the best of the past while looking towards tomorrow. The aspiration of our Master Plan is the continued transformation of the Academy into a learning community to support the development of young women. One of the reasons for our longevity has been an ability to understand the educational landscape of the times and meet the needs of the cohorts of students over the decades. Reading the signs of the times, adapting our curriculum, strengthening our pedagogy have ensured the continued development and renewal of a strong and dynamic College. Our focus is on the development of the whole person, not just the academic side. We do want students to experience success in many areas, but also to feel loved and accepted knowing that they are part of a caring community and ready for the future.


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