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51 Calls-to-Action for Every School Marketing Situation

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Every piece of school marketing content needs a call-to-action. 

And when it comes to CTAs, the the name says it all. It’s a call to action. In other words, it’s a command. No, you don’t need to boss your audience around, but your request should be clear and firm. And, it’s a call to action. Your words need to prompt your audience to do something specific, an action that should be related to the content they’ve just finished reading/watching/listening to and related to your goals for that piece of content. The CTA is what enables them to stay connected to your school; it’s what helps take them from anonymous to on your list, from interested to enrolled.

If you want to read more about calls-to-action and how to craft an outstanding one, we have all you need to know here. But if there’s a deadline looming, you’re super stressed, or it’s just Friday and you’re ready for the weekend, here are a list of calls-to-action for every school marketing situation. Adapt them to make them your own or swipe them outright.

  1. Access our virtual campus tour now.
  2. Join ### alumni in our Facebook group.
  3. Discover why students love [school name]. 
  4. Schedule a tour today!
  5. Download the indispensable guide to [school specialty].
  6. Learn more about [course/program/activity].
  7. Start exploring the possibilities. Contact our admissions counselor at [contact info].
  8. Check out our [course/program/activity] guide here.
  9. Contact [name] at [contact info] to learn more about [course/program/activity].
  10. Don’t miss our open house on [date]! Sign up here.
  11. Get your free guide to choosing the right school for your child.
  12. Apply now.
  13. Give a gift that supports [school name] and the next generation of students.
  14. Find out what our students have to say about [school name].
  15. Submit your application by [date].
  16. Take a closer look at campus life with our virtual tour.
  17. Visit us to experience [school name] for yourself.
  18. Get started.
  19. Explore what it’s like to be a [school name] student– visit our YouTube channel now.
  20. Book a tour.

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