St Mary’s School, Williamstown VIC







Established: 1842

Principal: Anthony Hockey

Address: 118 Cecil Street, Williamstown 3016


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25 Teaching

13 Non Teaching


TBA (Primary)



About our school

St Mary’s School Williamstown is a great Catholic school. Nestled close to Nelson place, our school is part of the Williamstown community since 1842.

Established initially by a concerted effort of lay people determined to provide Catholic and values based education for the local working class children, the school commenced its proud history with a total of 14 students that soon saw the appointment of a priest, a direct parish community and from 1900, the Sisters of St. Joseph who were fundamentally committed to educational longevity influenced by the Charism of Mary Mackillop, in Williamstown.

St Mary’s proudly continues today, with the strong link to its origins- drive, determination, commitment and financial support of education in a Catholic suburban context.

The school highly values the historical significance of the physical establishment dating back to the construction of the first school building in 1925 while ensuring that contemporary learning is happening in a Catholic environment.

Our school is surrounded by a network of Bike Paths that connect the school to the beach, shops and local community. Many of our students walk and ride to school.

Our students do many things in our local community from Clean Up Australia Day, the Nippers Program at Williamstown Beach, sailing at Williamstown Royal Yacht Club to using Maclean Reserve. We even produced a brochure on 50 things to do in the Williamstown area before the age of 12.

We strive to teach the whole child to prepare them for their future.

Principal's Message

Our school has a great legacy in the provision of Catholic education for the children of our local families since 1842 making us the oldest continuously operating school in Victoria.

We are indebted to the many generations of people of St Mary’s Parish who have contributed to create such a rich history. As the current custodians of St Mary’s, our community aspires to ensure a strong foundation for our students in faith, academically and socially.

Our school is very much a part of this vibrant parish. We share social justice projects with our Parish and community.

Anthony Hockey


NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 3 486 467 467 505 440
Year 5 533 498 521 511 520

This table above shows the average student results at this school for the year 2019.
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Main Campus

118 Cecil Street, Williamstown, 3016

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