St Columba College, Andrews Farm SA







Established: 1997

Principal: Ms Leanne Carr

Address:  Gate, 1 President Ave , Andrews Farm 5114


Key Information


123 Teaching

91 Non Teaching


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SACE Subjects



Indonesian, French


VET Available

About our school

St Columba College is a place where every child can feel well-known and have a sense of belonging. This is their school, and they are part of our Reception to Year 12 community.

Our three schools – Junior, Middle and Senior – are connected communities with support and leadership offered to your child at each crucial stage of their development. Learning is both hands-on and engaging; with constantly evolving classrooms and facilities to provide exactly the learning experience our students need.

We are guided by the Christian values of our shared Anglican and Catholic heritage, revolving around the values of respect, the value that each child is unique and always loved. In this tradition, our children learn to compassionately welcome and advocate for all people in their class, community, family and neighbourhood.

We know effective learning relies on positive wellbeing, so we support and empower our students in all corners of their lives.

There’s an opportunity here at St Columba for young people in the north, and we look forward to meeting your family to show you how you can find a place in our rich St Columba College community.

Principal's Message

Since 1997, we have been a school based on excellence as students and people. St Columba is a place where everyone is well-known and has a sense of belonging and connectedness into a community that believes in them.

We are inclusive of all and accept young people and families for who they are, and where they’re at in their own life.

We celebrate everyone’s strengths, while helping build on them and encouraging them to contribute to their community.

St Columba is a foundation of who our students can become, and a stepping stone to what they want to do.

2021 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 3 372 380 361 370 347
Year 5 466 439 482 459 448
Year 7 511 502 535 510 514
Year 9 542 529 542 541 545

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2021. Data sourced from:

2022 NAPLAN Results

Year Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy
Year 3 398 373 380 379 356
Year 5 482 453 486 463 453
Year 7 511 510 525 502 499
Year 9 566 541 564 552 564

This table above shows the average student results for the year 2022. Data sourced from:

Campus Locations

Main Campus

 Gate, 1 President Ave , Andrews Farm, 5114

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