Mater Dei School, Camden NSW







Established: 1957

Principal: Paul McCann

Address: 229 Macquarie Grove Road, Camden 2570


Key Information


50 Teaching


$3,712 (Year 7)

$5,571 (Year 12)

$3,098 (Primary)

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About our school

Mater Dei School is a coeducational setting for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 with a Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disability. As a Catholic, independent school, we are a proud member of Good Samaritan Education, and we do this within a Benedictine spiritual framework that emphasises the dignity of each person, and a commitment to welcome, inclusion, hospitality and stewardship.

We are committed to the provision of contemporary and innovative education for students with specific needs. We have created a place of opportunity to develop their unique gifts and talents in a way that will enable them to become fully participating members of their respective communities.

The School’s pedagogy is driven by current Evidence and Research-based practices. Teachers deliver the curriculum implementing high-leverage practices to engage all students, and also leverages universally designed learning experiences based on age and stage appropriate outcomes and content. In addition, Mater Dei School also collaboratively designs and implements a range of student-centred plans and supports which encompass Curriculum, Communication, Mobility, Personal Care, Safety and Social Skills. The School is also supported by a multidisciplinary team of Allied Health professionals.

Principal's Message

Based in Camden and operating since 1957, we are a member school of Good Samaritan Education. Our school operates within a Benedictine spiritual framework that emphasises the dignity of each person, and a commitment to welcome, inclusion, hospitality and stewardship.

Every day at Mater Dei the professional capacity and capabilities of staff are visible, as is the personalised learning created for each student, and the genuine care shown to all.

This is a wonderful place to be, and I invite you to find out more about Mater Dei School.

Paul McCann
Interim CEO/Principal

Quick Facts

  • Offer a community-engaged Workplace Learning program
  • Post-School Transition Planning program
  • Research and evidence-based teaching and learning practices for students with intellectual disability
  • Multi-disciplinary in-class therapy (Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy)
  • Universally designed Sacramental Program
  • Smaller class sizes with positive staff-to-student ratios
  • Highly engaged and successful suite of fundraising events
  • Strong partner-driven community engagement focus


  • State-of-the-art Flexible Learning Spaces
  • Indoor Heated Swimming Pool
  • Onsite mini Woolworths Store (Mater Dei Fresh Food)
  • Architecturally-designed playground facilities
  • Commercial Hospitality Kitchen
  • Sensory Learning spaces
  • Door-to-door assisted travel scheme for eligible families
  • Fleet of community engagement vehicles
  • Idyllic, rural landscape setting

Campus Locations

Main Campus

229 Macquarie Grove Road, Camden, 2570

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