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Thought Leadership – By Principal Paul Finneran, Assumption College, VIC

At Assumption College, we believe in nurturing students by enriching them academically, morally, socially, spiritually, and empowering them to become active and compassionate citizens. Students work together to achieve their best and share their pride in these collective efforts. This collaboration is transferable, where working with their peers becomes one of the foundation elements that they need to enhance their skill development, knowledge and understanding in future years.

We want our students to be the very best version of themselves not only as students but also as people. We expect them to work hard, to be respectful to their teachers and to their peers in helping to create a safe and supportive learning environment. By being their best version of themselves our students are giving themselves an opportunity to grow in partnership with others. We expect our young men and women to develop respectful and live-giving relationships inside and outside the classroom. Moreover, as a College, we always seek to be in partnership with families to develop their child to become a confident and active citizen who will contribute positively to the community into which they will enter once they conclude their journey at Assumption.

It is these relationships which form the foundation of a learning community which is inclusive, collaborative, and which promotes excellence in all that it does. We want to engender a learning and teaching environment that promotes to our students creativity, critical thinking, literacy and numeracy, collaboration, through consistent professional discourse, strategic planning, and support for their individual pathways.

Our College motto “Quae Supra Quaere” (Seek the things that are Above) identifies key values which we live by including compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, love, peace, and thankfulness. These values align neatly with the five characteristics of our Marist charism, by which we are present, we embrace a family spirit, we value simplicity, we love our work, and we do all of this in the way of Mary. Ultimately, we seek to form our young to be people who are others-centred and who are confident and have the agency to make a positive difference in the communities in which they will live. We want to develop a youth which makes informed decisions which will impact positively on others, and we want to ensure that our young have a clear understanding of their own identity as people committed to the common good and who always respect the dignity of the human person.

By Paul Finneran – Principal, Assumption College, VIC


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