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St Scholastica’s College Glebe NSW – Reimagining Education

In truth, education is constantly being reimagined but there are events that leap frog careful, cautious advance. The COVID pandemic was one such event where education and all of its stakeholders had to adapt, respond and embed new learning and teaching practices in just days and weeks.

St Scholastica’s College has emerged from this unprecedented period in education with a heightened sense of how acceptance of change and innovation and greater collaboration can not simply plug unexpected gaps but drive welcome and effective change in the way its girls and young women learn and are taught.

Technology has moved front and centre but remains shored up by the Good Samaritan values and dedicated teachers that have made the College a preferred educational institution for girls for nearly 150 years.

The College – with its interesting mix of the familiar and the formal, its ability to manage change, its innovative academic approach involving a number of external partners, its widely recognised creativity and its growing and successful sporting ethos – is not just a good place to learn and be taught. It’s a wonderful place for girls and young women preparing for life.


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