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St Patrick’s College Strathfield, Strathfield NSW – Building Resilience

St Patrick’s College, Strathfield works closely with students, parents and staff in supporting the overall wellbeing and resilience of our students. With the five dimensions of the College’s Wellbeing Framework providing a basis, we promote a climate in which there is mutual respect and acceptance between staff and students regardless of life’s daily challenges. To aid our students in building their understanding of resilience, we have dedicated homeroom and pastoral care periods, counselling services, outdoor education and co-curricular programs. By getting to know the individual, both inside and outside the classroom environment, we endeavour to help our students develop greater self-awareness through knowing and accepting their own strengths and limitations, and by setting goals with realistic expectations. Whether it’s by trying an activity in our co-curricular program or by putting themselves forward for a leadership role, we aim to provide avenues for our students to grow as a person, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and take up opportunities afforded to them
without guarantee of success. Mandatory involvement in reflection days, retreats and camps, where our students are split from their usual friendship groups, challenge them spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally, further helping to build resilience.


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