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St Mary’s College, Adelaide SA – Celebrating Australia’s First People

We believe there is much we can learn from the First Australians. We have developed strong, positive two-way relationships with key Indigenous ‘friends of the College’, and we value their ongoing dialogue, connection and involvement. By building genuine trust and respecting ATSI cultures, and ATSI peoples’ spirit is strengthened. There is excellent value for our community to be led to a deeper understanding of the rich cultures and traditions of ATSI people and come to appreciate their ongoing struggles for recognition, self-determination, and healing. There are ongoing opportunities on retreats, in Reconciliation Week and at various other times, where we celebrate ATSI cultures and build our understanding and strengthen our relationship with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Indigenous perspectives are an integral part of our curriculum. There are emphasis in our Year 10 Religious Education and Humanities courses. This sets the scene for our Year 10 Retreat, which broadens the perspective and challenges stereotypes through the positive experience of various cultural activities and encounters with proud Indigenous facilitators strong in their culture. Students in Year 11 can participate in an Immersion to Oak Valley, situated in the Maralinga-Tjarutja Lands. We have built a strong relationship with the Anangu people, we learn about their culture, tradition and way of life, and we continue to share our two worlds.

We are strengthening relationships with our ATSI brothers and sisters, which benefits all Australians. In the words of Uncle Bob Randall, ‘We need to heal together.


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