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St Joseph’s Nudgee College, Boondall, QLD – Building Resilience

The essence of community is ingrained into the fabric of the College. When students are facing an obstacle, they have an abundance of people to help them, such as House Deans, PC teachers, councillors, academic staff, Big Brothers and their fellow 10,000 brothers. During the pandemic, students and staff adapted well to the Learning@ Home. Our students have been challenged, but persevered and banded together to overcome adversities. Year 11 student Lachlan Russell said, “As a student, the pandemic has opened my eyes and deepened my love and appreciation for Nudgee College as well as developed a trust in the College to persist through unprecedented times to ensure us boys can make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.” In sports and activities, boys are taught to try their best and treat the opposition, coaches and team members with respect. Ethan Petcos, 2021 graduate and previous Track and Field Captain, said, “There were many times where I lost hope – times where I wanted to give up simply because it was easy. But I know that is not the ‘Nudgee Way’. I had to remember my purpose and remember who I was doing this for. With unwavering support from Nudgee College, I not only got over the line, but I became the athlete I never thought I could be.”