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Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough QLD – Building Resilience

21st century youth have unlimited access to the world. The capacity to build resilience and patience has diminished and as a consequence, regulating emotional responses are often limited. Southern Cross Catholic College has developed proactive strategies to inform learners of how resilience is acquired, particularly in these
challenging times. The neuroscience program, Reboot, has been implemented which focuses on a strengths-based approach to engagement and subsequent learning. We encourage learners to be self-aware and self-responsible, enabling better relationships, greater confidence and students who are more resilient, responsible and solutions orientated. Our Positive Behaviour for Learning Framework (PB4L) is taught to students, ensuring students have their voices heard and they are instrumental in the process of understanding what behaviours are
essential. The innovative Sporting Program, along with extra-curricular activities, is available to all year levels to assist in physical movement and allows students to regulate emotions adding to their capacity to build resilience. The College Pastoral system and support networks, including a Formation Program that focuses on real-life strategies for success, ensures we build ongoing capacity for our learners. At Southern Cross Catholic
College we are building resilient learners through numerous strategies which engage, regulate and help students build capacity to face life’s challenges.