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Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorne QLD – Building Resilience

Students develop a sense of respect and compassion for others and learn to act with a sense of purpose and responsibility in alignment with our Benedictine values which underpin Lourdes Hill College. Our student-led ‘Space to Be Yourself’ project encourages students to embrace tolerance for difference and value the uniqueness of everyone in our community. Our age-specific, whole-school wellbeing curriculum is designed to support the holistic development of students through an integrated exploration of evidence-based concepts and skills. Learnings from the wellbeing curriculum support student development in all areas of their College life. In Middle School, we understand that girls are happy and flourish when wellbeing programs are aligned to this important stage of their development. We believe that positive relationships with friends, in a secure environment, supported by teachers who know them well are key elements to ongoing success.
Our wellbeing curriculum program for Senior Years is designed specifically to encourage students to develop the knowledge and skills required to make healthy, life-giving choices both at school and in life beyond Lourdes Hill College.


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