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Bethlehem College, Ashfield NSW -Building Resilience

At Bethlehem College, we are committed to equipping our young women with a high-efficacy education that will prepare them for a world that is characterised by change, an educational foundation that ensures girls know how to learn and be given the tools to best equip them for a future that will challenge their responses to social and ethical paradigms. Our focus areas of school life, parish connections and community ministry, enable students to respond to innovation and develop their ability to foster collaborative processes and relationships through a spirit of inquiry, confidence and self-reflection – all essential to learning and effective teaching principles which promote excellence. We aim to build resilient students by preparing them to be strong,
confident and decisive leaders of the future, by ensuring wellbeing, thinking and learning are integrated as they
are inextricably linked. We offer many wellbeing and leadership opportunities that promote resilience and confidence through various programs