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Academy of Mary Immaculate, VIC – REIMAGINING EDUCATION

Academy of Mary Immaculate’s curriculum encompasses aspects of educational neuroscience — how learning and memory, stress, sleep, nutrition and movement affect and contribute to healthy brain function.

Across our curriculum students and teachers work collaboratively to understand how the brain receives, consolidates, stores and retrieves information. So, by improving students’ understanding of their own learning processes, they become accustomed to approaching challenging situations from a growth mindset — that is, to learn and to improve.

An example of how experiential learning is enhanced by educational neuroscience is Academy’s Year 9 ‘Synergy’ program. However,
Academy girls also apply these skills and knowledge beyond school-based curriculum. Recently, several Year 9 students created a smart phone app e.braille, which converts written text into braille, for the STEM MAD SHOWCASE.

Wellbeing programs create supportive learning environments that assist students to try new things and extend their skills. In this way, students become active participants in their education and our teachers become mentors. This unique relationship redefines traditional learning by helping students understand who they are and how they learn so that they are well-equipped to face any challenge the future holds.


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