‘Learning today Leading tomorrow’

  • Est. 2015
  • Address: Twigg St, Indooroopilly 4068
  • State: QLD
  • Tel: 07 3878 0500

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  • Principal: Mr Michael Senior
  • Enquiries: The Enrolments Officer
  • Gender: Boys
  • Yr Range: Yr 4 – 12
  • Enrolment: 1,050 students

  • Yr 7 Enrolment: 185 students; 6 classes

  • Languages: Japanese
  • Fees for 2019: Please contact the College

  • VET: Yes

“We focus entirely on the unique needs of boys and celebrate their strengths and abilities. With over 75 years of experience in teaching boys, we understand what makes them tick and knowing boys means we teach them the way boys learn best.”
Principal Mr Michael Senior

In everything we do, we aim to inspire excellence; a personal excellence that sees all boys reach their potential. Boys are engaged in dynamic and relevant experiences and pathways that promote learning, personal growth, achievement and service. Our vision is built around our desire to help educate and prepare young men for a world that is desperately calling out for our future leaders to be young men of character who will help shape the direction of our future communities. This is based upon our touchstones of Learning, Leadership and Service.

There are vast educational opportunities at ATC and our educators are called to journey with each young man. We provide an exciting learning environment led by experienced teachers who appreciate the boys’ energy, humour, unpredictability and imagination. Our vision is built around our desire to help educate and prepare young men for a world that is desperately calling out for our future leaders to be young men of character who will shape the direction of our future communities.

Educating for the future is underscored by a strong relationship with the learner, a clear understanding of the educational standards underpinning curriculum and a dedicated focus that each of our young men strives to achieve his personal best. Ambrose Treacy College staff are committed to a perspective which sees education not only as a means to an end, but an end in and of itself.

Teachers at ATC ensure that students are prepared for the 21st century. In part, this requires focusing on the technical and virtual. Across the College, students are positioned not just to be consumers of technology, but to be producers. Evidence of this exists in the integration of robotics across STEM and Digital Technology classes. Students are also engaged in the use of programs to create circuits, manipulate Minecraft, explore virtual environments, build apps and engage in 2D game development to explore object-oriented coding and functional program development. Our staff are agile in their engagement with ‘latest’ technologies but purposeful in their adoption of them in classroom contexts.

While the 21st century will be influenced by new technologies, fixating on this space at the expense of other characteristics, short-changes our students. The ATC learning vision is clear in its intent to equip our students for the responsibilities and challenges of the 21st century and develop empathetic, ‘worldly’ and highly literate students. By learning how to problem-solve, create, critique and reflect, our students grow into productive global citizens willing and able to play their unique part in the world.

This learning vision guides the educational agenda of the College. Education for the future, therefore, is just as much about explicit instruction around reading and writing, as it is technological production. It is just as much about philosophy, problem solving, creative and critical thinking. It is just as much about career and pathway education. Importantly, education at ATC is boy-friendly. Too often, this is mis-characterised as an education which is without rigour or an education which deals in antiquated stereotypes. Rather, staff at our College work with the energy of boys, but also understand the importance of common language, opportunities for reinforcement and explicit modelling.

Part of a holistic education means offering a Service Program. Community Service is listed as one of the most important life skills of the 21st century and is an integral part of ATC.

Through our Service Program, boys understand the value of giving back to others which ensures old fashioned values related to social connectedness and generosity remain as much a part of the future as they have been in the past.

Fees for 2018: Please contact the College

The College takes a holistic approach to environmental sustainability. Our unique location on the Brisbane River affords students the opportunity to engage with the natural environment and learn sustainability management. With recent major, state of the art building works at the College, the implementation of initiatives to engage students in sustainability processes is central to the College’s vision of “challenging its members to make a prophetic difference for our world”.

Our co-curricular activities program encompasses the practical and theoretical practices of environmental care and management. Environment Club fosters an appreciation of the natural environment in terms of increased awareness, active involvement and contributing to the wider community. The boys’ actions reflect their respect for the College grounds and their message of ‘nurturing nature’ is an integral part of the Service Program at the College.

Our infrastructure incorporates a number of technologies to ensure that our impact on the environment is limited. The College contributes to the quality of the environment through a combination of award winning architectural design and the minimisation of natural resources used. We have 12 rainwater tanks with a pool of 255,000 litres and one 300,000 litre underground reservoir harnessing bore water for irrigation. The impact of new development on the site ecology is reduced by minimising building footprints, locating structures on the site ridgeline and on existing non-vegetated areas. The buildings typically wrap around existing protected trees to shade and cool the classrooms.

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Join us in Term 1 for a Twilight Tour on Thursday 28 February at 3:30pm or a Morning Tour on Thursday 21 March at 10:00am. For further dates and times please check the College website.

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