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Essential Tips When Choosing A CollegeFeeling overwhelmed choosing the right College for your child to attend?

This report reveals 23 essential tips that will help you to make the best decision possible, when choosing the best College in Australia for your child.

Set in the Australian educational context, this report is an invaluable resource for parents when considering a secondary education for their child.

Choosing the right College is a critical decision that every parent has to make. The pressure to make the right choice is immense. Your child’s future happiness, their career, so many aspects of their life will be dependent on this decision.

To make matters worse there are so many variables to consider. Comparing this college to that college, weighing up the options, trying to decide what’s important and what isn’t.

What you really need is some help, some impartial guidance to help you make the best decision you possibly can.

Thankfully this is exactly what “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College” eBook provides.

About “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College” Guide

  • Contains 23 Essential Tips
  • Isolates the key factors to consider
  • Gives parents the right tools to make the best decision
  • Written in concise, simple-to-read language
  • Succinct and to the point
  • Contains a handy facilities checklist

60 Day GuaranteeAbout the guides author Greg Campitelli

  • Greg is a qualified and experienced teacher
  • He is the publisher of The Catholic Schools Guide, an annual publication distributed to all of the Catholic Primary schools in the State of Victoria, Australia.
  • Greg is a sought-after speaker at Colleges and education related Conferences
  • As the parent of four children, one of whom has recently completed Secondary College and three of whom are on the verge of entering Secondary College, Greg is well aware of the challenges parents face when choosing the right school
  • Greg was a board member and director of marketing and development at a secondary college

Who will benefit from this eBook?

  • Parents of primary school age children who are looking to make the best decision possible on which college to choose for their child.


  • “This is a great guide, it just gave me some terrific tips, and helped us focus… and make an informed decision.” Kathy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Tips When Choosing A CollegeWhat if I order and for some reason it just doesn’t work for me? The information contained within “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College Guide” is based on Greg’s many years of experience as both an educator and an education consultant. If for whatever reason you find the information is not relevant to your situation or does not provide information which is useful to you, by all means please refund the product and we will provide a prompt refund.

In fact you have a full 60 days to claim your refund, so this is effectively a no risk purchase.

Can’t I just find this information free on the internet? Of course you can, as long as you’re willing to spend several months pouring over websites, reading reports and driving yourself insane with worry.

The whole point of this guide is to avoid this process. With this investment you’re provided with highly relevant information, which is both succinct and immediately available.

When will I receive my “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College” guide? Great question. You will receive it immediately after you have ordered because it is a downloadable book (eBook). So you will have it on your hard drive and in your hands in moments. It is very safe, reliable and so easy a caveman could download it.

Can I use “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College” guide on a Mac? Yes of course! “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College” is in PDF format so it is viewable on both PCs as well as Macs.

Do yourself a favour

Your decision about which college to send your child to is not going away. The longer you wait the harder it is going to get. Download this guide now and find out what a difference some informed advice can make in simplifying your decision.

So please … stop agonizing, click the order button below. Place your order and download the “The Essential Tips When Choosing a College” guide right now and get started making the most informed decision possible.

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Good luck with your decision.

Greg Campitelli
Campitelli Consulting