Catholic Schools Guide Editor Greg Campitelli

Greg Campitelli

Greg is the Director of Catholic Schools Guide Pty Ltd and publisher of the magazine Catholic Schools Guide. He has enjoyed an extensive career in education; the not- for- profit sector; and, in the early years, film & television.

Greg brings a background in successful marketing and development within two not-for-profit organisations where he was able to establish programs and grow them rapidly.

For many years he was Director of Development at one of Melbourne’s oldest private colleges, CBC St Kilda. He was a long serving Board member and Director of Development. Greg is a qualified and experienced teacher and was both a Subject and Year Level Co-ordinator.

For six years Greg was Director of Development at International Centre for Eyecare Education where he was directly responsible for publications, communications, marketing, fundraising and income development. While at ICEE, Greg was one of the key architects behind the creation of the global organisation Optometry Giving Sight now operational in countries including UK, USA and Canada.

Over the years Greg has served on a number of Boards including Christian Brothers College and Optometry Giving Sight. He is a talented presenter with a lively enthusiastic style, and has delivered at conferences from Sydney to San Diego.

Greg also works as a consultant for Xponential Philanthropy one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading and most respected firms specialising in capital campaigns and major gift fundraising.

Greg was Managing Director of an SMS company and developed the software and operations in utilising business to business SMS systems. Greg has produced numerous events and creative shows – in early years he worked as sound & picture editor and producer in Australia’s television and film industry.


Presentation Audit

This study that provides an independent assessment of how the College presents itself to the external community. The report provides an evaluation of overall appearance, reception, facilities, environment, presentation, uniform, website and marketing collateral. It does not comment on curriculum, extra-curricular programs or academic performance. The report carries a set of recommendations for improving branding and position.

Marketing Plan

This study assesses reviews and/or constructs a total marketing plan for the College. The plan breaks down each aspect of recommended activity and builds a fully integrated and strategic approach. It considers realistic budget, resources, position descriptions and key performance indicators.

Market Perception

Wanting to gain a clearer understanding of what the market perception is of your College? This investigation can specifically examine why people choose or do not choose to come to your College as a first choice destination, and instead choose key competitor schools. This contains online survey and face to face interviews.

Enrolment Plan

This study reviews and enhances the enrolment and transition plan for the College. The plan breaks down each aspect of activity and builds a fully integrated strategic enrolment and transition plan. It considers current practice and resources, while making recommendations to modify and improve the program. Exit surveys and procedures can also be reviewed.


Old collegians or alumni are a vital part of any College community. From evaluating and expanding to developing and implementing a new program; a new engagement may well be what is needed. Reunions, events, fundraising, major gifts, communications, business mentoring, work experience programs are all potential opportunities of a robust alumni program.


Some Colleges have established Foundations as independent tax deductible entity which in turn makes grants of monies to particular program needs of the College. Assistance in establishing this process can be provided.

General Fundraising

Fundraising can provide an extra revenue stream for any College. There are many ways to grow strategic fundraising within the College community without becoming burdensome. Developing well packaged options as well as an “asking” strategy are useful ways of growing the fundraising pie.


Many Colleges are now recognising the potential of a bequest program as a vehicle for providing a future income stream for the school. Bequest wording, collateral production, solicitation training are all aspects to be explored.

Capital Campaigns

A capital campaign looks at a major new fundraising initiative such as construction of arts or music centre, sports gymnasium, auditorium or chapel. Typically, these are projects aimed at raising between $0.5 million to $5 million. Usually, the entire process can be conducted over a 9-12 month period after a Feasibility Study has been conducted.

Development & Marketing Office

A College maybe at the point where it needs to consider moving from an ad hoc or part time teacher allocated function to a more integrated approach. Our service can oversee the bringing together under one department the roles of PR, marketing, communications, major events, fundraising, enrolment, alumni relations, re-unions, archives and foundation activities. This is collectively known as a Development Office. It considers realistic budget, resources, position descriptions and key performance indicators.

Leadership & Staff Development

It is important that both the leadership and staff are engaged in the marketing process. Workshops and presentations aimed at building an appreciation of the opportunity of engaging in the marketing and development process is always beneficial. Operationally is particularly informative for the Leadership Team while strategically advantageous at Board level.

“Schools have three essential elements:

  • teaching students within the best possible curriculum framework;
  • providing good and safe facilities to teach in; and
  • ensuring there are children to teach.”