Kolbe Catholic College – Greenvale Lakes VIC

‘Faith, Courage, Compassion’Kolbe Catholic College

Est: 2008

Address: Lysterfield Dr, Greenvale Lakes VIC 3059
Tel: 03 8339 3060
Fax: 03 8339 3059
Email: office@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au
Web: www.kolbecc.catholic.edu.au


“Welcome to Kolbe, where each individual strives to reach his or her potential in a friendly and welcoming environment.” Mr Anthony Kirley

Enquiries: Mrs Judy Stillman

Principal Mr Anthony Kirley

Principal Mr Anthony Kirley

Email: office@kolbecc.catholic.edu.au
Gender: Co-educational
Yr Range: Yr 7 – 12
Enrolment: 900 students
Yr 7 Enrolment: 165 students; 7 classes
Languages: Italian
Fees for 2014: Available on request
VCE Units 3/4: 22
VET: Yes



Destinations Year 12

• Visual Arts/Graphics Rooms x 3
• Design & Technology Centre
• Library Resource Centres x 2
• Food Technology Centre
• Counselling Room
• Careers Centre
• Basketball Courts x 6
• Multi-purpose Area
• Netball Courts x 2
• Gymnasium
• Soccer Pitch
• Science Labs x 4
• Athletics Track
• Music and Drama Centre
• Wireless Site
• Oval
Year 12 Destinations

About Us

Kolbe Catholic College, Greenvale Lakes, is a new co- educational Year 7 – 12 school serving the people of the northern suburbs of Melbourne, from the Catholic Priority Parishes of Our Lady’s Parish Craigieburn/ Roxburgh Park, Good Shepherd Parish Gladstone Park/Greenvale and Holy Child Parish Meadow Heights/Dallas. The College was officially established by the Archdiocese of Melbourne in late 2006.

The College community is inspired by the legacy of St Maximilian Kolbe – a story of heroism, courage and self-sacrifice; a beacon of hope for the future.

The College welcomed the first group of 110 students to Year 7 in January 2008 at a temporary site – Windrock Avenue, Craigieburn – the site of Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School for 2009. The College moved to the permanent site at Lysterfield Drive, Greenvale Lakes, in February 2009, with 252 students in Years 7 and 8 and 28 staff. In 2014, the expected enrolment is 900 students with 94 staff members.

Our Integrated Programs

Kolbe Catholic College offers a number of integrated programs including:

• Year7–‘Stepping Stones’ a transition program specifically designed for Year 7 students as they move from Grade 6 into Year 7.

• Year 8 – ‘The Inquiring Minds Program’ a program that teaches students practical and real life skills while furthering their discovery of self.

• Year 9–‘Learning Enhancement Activity Day’ a distinctly unique program developed for Year 9 students that promotes deep learning engagement through differentiated programs of particular interest to Year 9 students.

•Year10–‘Pathways Program’ a program that provides students with a transition to senior studies that includes careers education, careers planning and work experience.

Kolbe Catholic College is committed to providing contemporary learning environments that will engage students and give them independence and flexibility in their learning while preparing them to be active citizens within their community. Therefore we believe that in the 21st century eLearning and the use of ICT is critical to facilitating this.

As such in 2011 the College commenced the implementation of a 1:1 ICT device program. Each student from Years 7 to 12 at the College carries with them either a laptop or tablet device that is used as part of the learning programs offered at the College.

Building Resilience

As a Catholic school, Kolbe Catholic College seeks to educate the whole person, and integrate Faith with the culture and life of a developing young person in Australian society. Priority is given to fostering each person’s best expression of self. Particular attention is given to the holistic view of a contemporary curriculum, with an emphasis on teaching vital skills, such as literacy, numeracy and social co-operation, whilst integrating knowledge, skills and values across all learning areas.

As a College community, we are committed to building strength of character within our students; encouraging them to become resilient, compassionate, principled, responsible, caring members of the community. These values and qualities are built over time, through experience and with careful guidance and modeling.

Visit Us in 2014

Visitors see students and teachers in real learning situations, tour the historic and vibrant environs of the College and talk with student ambassadors.