Nazareth Catholic College – Flinders Park SA

Nazareth Catholic College Logo‘We are a Catholic community of welcome, connecting faith, family and education.’


Address: 1 Hartley Road, Flinders Park SA 5025
Tel: 08 8406 5000
Fax: 08 8406 5001


“Nazareth works in partnership with families to ensure the successful learning, wellbeing and spiritual development of each and every student.” - Mr Phil Lewis & Mr Michael Honey

Co-Principals: Mr Phil Lewis & Mr Michael Honey
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Enquiries: Mrs Lisa Clark
Gender: Co-educational
Yr Range: R – Yr 12
Enrolment (Yrs 8-12): 1,750
Yr 8 Enrolment: 220 students; 6 classes
Languages: Italian & Japanese
Fees for 2014: Yr 8 $5,700  Yr 12 $6,360
SACE: 49 (Stage 1)
45 (Stage 2)
VET: Yes
IB Diploma: No


• Food Technology Centre
• Commercial Kitchen
• Design & Technology Centre
• Arts Centre/Visual Arts Centre
• Performing Arts/Drama Centre
• Robotics & Photography Lab
• Counselling Rooms x 3
• Science Labs x 4
• Electronics Room
• Wireless Site
• Yr 12 Common Area
• Tennis Courts x 6
• Soccer Pitches x 2
• Netball Courts x 4
• Weights/Circuit Room
• Gymnasium
• Basketball Courts x 2
• Music Centre
• IT Labs x 4
• Chapel
• Canteen
• Oval


About Us

The College was established in January 2007, with an ethos based on the life and work of Jesus of Nazareth and our Patrons. We strive to be people of justice, each committed to building community, nourishing family life and making the world a better place, through life-long learning.

Nazareth focuses on engaging with families in a whole of life journey by providing resources, opportunities and ministries to support the religious, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual growth and wellbeing of families.

At our College, a partnership of learning exists between our students, the College and your family. Our program focus is successful learning for all, challenging deep thinking, and recognising and reflecting your child’s aspirations, interests and skill- sets.

We are committed to a Mentoring program where classes are vertically grouped, enabling students to connect across year levels, and individual students and teachers to form lasting and significant relationships, meaning our students, staff and families feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging.

Student Success at Every Level

For three consecutive years Nazareth has achieved a 100% SACE Completion. We recognise that completing the SACE is a five year experience. Our learning environment has been created around five key habits: Attendance, Punctuality, Application, Work Completion and Involvement in the Nazareth Community, as well as Access for Success – a way for each student to ensure successful educational outcomes. We provide after- school one-on-one tutoring with teachers, holiday workshops, and graduate tutoring and support.

Our teaching staff undertake significant professional learning to allow them to adapt education programs to ensure the success of individual learners. We take pride in implementing and fostering student achievement. In addition to this, partnering with families, individualised progress monitoring; through regular ‘stocktakes’ and data collection, subject selection support, and provision of extension programs all play a key role in our positive and successful learning environment.

Faith Connection

Our mission: “Inspired by Jesus of Nazareth and our patrons, we are people of justice, each committed to building community, nourishing family life and making the world a better place”, underpins all aspects of curriculum at Nazareth, in particular Religious Education.

Being fully engaged and taking ownership of the many learning dimensions available is critical to the success of our RE Program. Driven by student involvement, monthly young adult masses, a youth group, evening House group masses, regular prayer and reflection have become a part of the faith journey at the College.

The Nazareth Outreach Work (NOW) and Nazareth Connects are community engagement programs where social justice, relationships and connectedness provide student opportunities to gain a better understanding of their place within the community and church, and provide an avenue for students to give back to the community at a local, national and international level.

Our students stay connected to the College, with young adults and recent graduates continuing their faith life and community involvement through key activities such as outreach, coaching, tutoring, mentoring and Young Adult Working Party volunteering programs.

Visit Us in 2014

Our Open Day is on Wednesday 5 March, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Please check our website for College tour dates.